Group Guide W500 Hire

You can choose between two different hire options:

1. Event Hire
You are planning a number of tours within a set period and need the technical equipment to allow you to professionally guide the group.

Guiding Group can supply you with all the equipment you need for your one-off event. After the tour is over, simply send the equipment back to Guiding Group.

Hire costs: Group Guide W500, CHF 9, per device and day

Prices do not include delivery costs or the statutory rate of VAT. You are not charged for the hire on the specified day of delivery or day of return.


The hire costs include:

  • Charged batteries for each device
  • Headphones
  • Maintenance and service
  • Theft insurance

2. Permanent loan for re-hire

You require sustainable high-quality equipment for group tours for a longer period or permanently for a long-term or on-going event (e.g. exhibitions, city tours, public corporate tours, guided cruise tours, guided group tours of theme parks or public institutions such as churches, monasteries, etc.).


However, rather than buying the equipment, you would like the hire fees to flow into the project funding.

So why not hire the Group Guide equipment you need without the standard hire charges? The hire revenues generated by your guests and visitors are then divided, with Group Guide receiving a contractually defined share.

Example / Recommendation for a minimum hire charge
On your own account, you loan Group Guides W500 to your guests or visitors for a hire charge which you can set as you wish. However, from experience itour would recommend: CHF 3 per device per visitor.

From the revenues generated from your hire charge for the devices, the Guiding Group then receives at least CHF 1.50 for each hire of a device plus the statutory rate of VAT (in any case 50% of your set hire charge plus VAT). Guiding Group invoices for this service on a monthly basis after receiving details of the usage rates from your staff.

This fee includes:

  • Delivery charges
  • Charged (and replacement) battery for each device
  • (Replacement) headphones
  • Neck straps
  • Technical support
  • Servicing and exchanging devices incl. delivery charges
  • Theft insurance while the device is hired
  • Maintenance and service

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